Aj-Janabi souq


This traditional market, popularly known as souq, is one of the most important markets in the Najran region south of Saudi Arabia. The market is located in the Aba Al-Saud area west of the Najran city.

Aj-Janabi in local language means a specific type of daggers. The market is called Aj-Janaby souq because daggers are sold in its stores. The people of the Najran region have a tradition of putting these daggers around their waists as a national symbol. Aj-Janabi constitutes a part of the traditional dress in Najran.

The market boasts of seventy shops that sell daggers and swords, in addition to some other shops specializing in selling leather, food items such as cardamom and coffee.

Aj-Janaby souq was established before the eighties of the past century, and went through stages of renovation and development. Most people, especially the elderly, usually meet in this place which became a tourist destination. Any visitor or tourist to Najran yearns for visiting the exciting Aj-Janabi market.

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