Adventures & Explorations

Volcanic Craters .. Unique Tourist Experience
Dormant volcanoes fields are scattered in the various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...
Historical Villages Tales from the Past
The historical villages in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are scattered in every region with its large number and rich history...
The Winter Retreats, Valleys of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .. Havens for Nature Enthusiasts
Spread widely throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, valleys and reefs form a multi-branch web-like structure on the map of the Kingdom owing to their sheer size...
Jabal AlAswad .. A tranquil masterpiece
Beauty is something to be enjoyed by all the senses which it envelopes; it begs an open invitation to those seeking a journey to these entrancing locations to indulge in solitude and a beckoning tranquility.
Kashta .. A Vibrant Retreat in Wintertime
When the season shifts to a chilly winter, this is the perfect time for groups of families and friends to enjoy picnics in open-air iconic desert locations, popularly known as "Kashta"
Breathtaking Natural Scenery
Among the most featured tourist sites that propel the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia onto the list of must-visit tourist destinations are those picturesque natural landscapes which truly set themselves apart.
Al-Baha .. The Winter Room
Located northwest of Al-Baha region in the Tihami sector, Al-Hojrah governorate is one of the winter tourist sites in this region...
Known for its peacefulness, breath-taking beauty, and vast green agricultural terraces, Al-Baha region is home to a distinct array of perennial trees– the likes of juniper and acacia. Looking through their windows...
Saudi Arabia’s Dakar Rally 2021.. Excitement in the world of motorsport
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to provide an exceptional dose of buzz and excitement for motorsport fans through its hosting of the Saudi Dakar Rally’s second edition. A completely new track and racing class...
Ad-Dawadmi Road of discoverers
Ad-Dawadmi is a governorate in the Riyadh region, some 270 kilometers away from the capital city...

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